Matt “The Cool Cat” Tutoring Services:

Cool Cat Tutoring Services

Matt Lewis will begin offering tutoring services for Kindergarten thru college-age students on subjects ranging from English to S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Math & Engineering. Please visit his blog about his tutoring services @: ### / – 30 –


The Gilbert Gumption:

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Educate the Nation: Updates related to the world of education, including information I learn in my college courses.


English 431B – Advanced Shakespeare:

This semester will provide new opportunities for students to become familiar with and better appreciate the texts of one of the greatest dramatists in history – William Shakespeare. Prof. Fredrick Kiefer will have a teaching assistant this semester – Matt Lewis – helping with clerical duties. Lewis will also form study groups for the exams as well as research and discussion sections for the required essay. He will also ensure an online presence of the class both on this site and by utilizing social media such as Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare.

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Headlines and Deadlines: Interesting news items from a variety of sources. These are some of the stories Lewis browses to keep up-to-date with current affairs.

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Still Waters Run Deep
A series of posts as part of an assignment for an undergraduate business composition course at the University of Arizona.


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The Problem With Journalism:
A musing of the short-comings of today’s society in relation to media, especially the news media.
** The photo in the center below led to the dismissal of a Los Angeles Times photographer involved. It turns out that it’s Photoshopped, created by combining two different images.**      

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For a course called Reporting the News, students made multimedia projects. Lewis’ group posted a blog with an article, photo slide show and audio clips. The story was about PostSecret creator, Frank Warren, who has received nearly 190,000 postcards. He’s considered by some to be the “world’s most trusted man.” He created the PostSecret blog, which is a collection of post cards that contain thousands of people’s anonymously submitted secrets.

Frank Warren, the “world’s most trusted man” and creator of the PostSecret blog, shared his own secrets with students and faculty at the University of Arizona, Tuesday Nov. 27, 2007 in the Grand Ballroom of the Student Union Memorial Center in Tucson, Ariz.

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Central Europe tour
This blog was set up to serve as a correspondence with friends and family during a two-week visit to five Central European countries.

This is a highly-photographed street musician in Krakow, Poland. (Unpublished)

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