Lewis has always learned in hands-on, professional settings. His education has included experiences outside the classroom. He also helps others, which in return reinforces his education and improves his talents as an educator, journalist and person.


  • B.A., Journalism; Minor: Geography

    University of Arizona

    • Reporting the News (JOUR 205)
    • Law of the Press (JOUR 208)
    • Photojournalism (JOUR 203)
    • Advanced Reporting (JOUR 206)
    • Television News Writing (JOUR 380)
    • Reporting Public Affairs (JOUR 413)
    • International Reporting (JOUR 497C)
    • The Study of News (JOUR 405)
    • Feature Writing (JOUR 411)
    • Senior Capstone – El Independiente (JOUR 490B)
    • Journalism Seminar (JOUR 496D)
    • Ethics + The News Media (JOUR 439)
    • Second Semester English (ENGL 102)
    • Mind, Self and Language (INDV 101)
    • Math in Modern Society (MATH 105)
    • Second Semester Spanish (SPAN 102)
    • Comparative Religions (TRAD 104)
    • Social and Interpersonal Relations: Human Geography and Global System (INDV 102)
    • The Earth and Its Environment: The World We Create (NATS 101 )
    • Beyond Earth, Space and Time: The Universe and Humanity, Origin and Destiny (NATS 102)
    • Third Semester Spanish (SPAN 201)
    • Non-Western Culture and Civilization: Middle Eastern Humanities (TRAD 101)
    • General Education Preceptor Training Workshop (UNVR 197A)
    • The Classical Tradition (CLAS 220)
    • How Things Work: Physics in Everyday Life (PHYS 201)
    • Fourth Semester Spanish (SPAN 202)
    • Advanced Composition (ENGL 306)
    • Theatre Appreciation (TAR 103)
    • Business Writing (ENGL 307)
    • Politics and Culture Geography and Globalization (GEOG 210)
    • Our Diverse Biosphere (GEOG 220)
    • Preceptorship (GEOG 391)
    • Arizona and the Southwest (GEOG 408)
    • World Regions: Comparative and Global Perspectives (GEOG 251)
    • Cultural Geography (GEOG 340)
    • Population Geography (GEOG 367)
    • Our Changing Climate (GEOG 230)
    • Geography Research Method (GEOG 357)
    • Literature and Film (ENGL 300)
  • M. Ed., Secondary English Educaiton

    University of Arizona

    • Educational Psychology (EDP 558)
  • Independent Coursework

    • Modern English Grammar (ENGL 406)
    • Shakespeare: Survey of the first half of Shakespeare’s career (ENGL 431A)
    • British and American Literature: Beowulf to 1660 (ENGL 373A)
    • British & American Literature: Restoration – 19th Century (ENGL 373B)
    • Literary Analysis (ENGL 380)
    • Shakespeare: Survey of the second half of Shakespeare’s career (ENGL 431B)
    • Department of English Internship (Independent Study) (ENGL 494)
    • Pre-Calculus (MAT 187)
    • Calculus With Analytical Geometry I (MAT 221)
    • First-Year Composition (ENG 101)


* Masters of Education, College of Education, Teach Arizona one-year/fast-track program, University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz., Uncompleted, left program for medical and personal reasons. Lewis may revisit UA’s fast-track M.Ed. program some day. It depends on if the funding for education improves to the levels that pay a livable wage.

* Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, School of Journalism, University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz., 2010

* High School diploma, Basha High School, Chandler, Ariz., 2006

* Attended The International School of  Penang (Uplands), Penang, Malaysia, one term, in 1997. He learned about the Metric System, British English (with a Malaysian flair). He also learned how to play an African board-game Mancala; and even began learning to play instruments such as: the Recorder, the Xylophone and the Keyboard. He was learning the Keyboard at home with the help of this Mother. With little-to-no music experience, Lewis was enrolled in the advanced music course at his school. Lewis and his fellow peers at primary school were invited by the Prime Minister of Indonesia to perform for him in his home country. As the students geared up for the trip, a wild fire and massive pollution grounded planes headed for Indonesia’s Borneo area. The school never rescheduled the trip. Lewis wipe a bead of sweat of his brow as he’d only been faking his way through playing the Recorder, his main instrument in the school’s band. He was so embarrassed that he had to copy the fingerings from his friend Callum that he never told anyone. One day Callum caught him doing this and turned his back to Lewis.


Matthew Lewis on graduation day [May 15, 2010] in Tucson, Ariz. in front of the Tucson Convention Center. (Photo Credit: either Caitlin or Eric Hayden, Copyright Matt Lewis 2021).

Title: Graduate Teaching Assistant
Company/Organization: University of Arizona’s Department of English
Category: Teaching/Teacher’s Protégé
From: Spring 2012 semester
Responsibilities: Creating and leading study groups, assisting students with writing required essays, observing the grading process of faculty mentor, managing course website, promoting discussion related to the course material through social media – such as Facebook and YouTube. Visit the course site @

Title: Lead mentor
Company/Organization: University of Arizona (Dow Jones Diversity in Journalism Workshop for Arizona High School Students)
Category: Tutoring/mentoring
From: 2007-2011
Responsibilities: Help high school students put together a news product (both print and on-line editions).

Title: Einstein Protégé
Company/Organization: University of Arizona
Category: Tutoring/mentoring
From: January thru May 2007
Responsibilities: Assisted peers in a general education Science course. Also led a  study team and received training by the Teaching Teams Program.

Title: Supervisor/teacher’s aide
Company/Organization: D.W. Higgins Charter School
Category: Tutoring/mentoring
Duration: One week (2006)
Responsibilities: Aided teachers with kindergarten, elementary and middle school students (some with learning challenges) in general studies.

Title: Member
Company/Organization: Future Teachers Club
Category: Activities/societies
Duration: December 2011 – 2012
Responsibilities: Attending meetings that prepare future teachers with their eventual teaching expedition. The club prepares students for applications, interviews, leadership skills and helpful classroom tips that are so important in the development of quality teachers. By bringing in distinguished teachers and administrators from the Tucson area, the club is further integrated into the teaching community and more acquainted with the situations surrounding them in the educational community. The club also provides tutoring services at Menlo Park Elementary School. Menlo Park is classified as an “underperforming” school largely serving underprivileged children. Members work directly with youngsters in computer technology as well as in math and reading. Members also assist each other as they step out into the teaching world.

Title: Note taker
Company/Organization: SALT Center at The University of Arizona (Disability Resource Center)
Category: Volunteer
Duration: One semester
Responsibilities: Took notes for a general education course and sent the notes daily to the Disability Resource Center.
SALT Center mission: To help students who learn differently; including students with learning and attention challenges


Matt Lewis circa June 30, 2015 in the azcentral/12 News Studio Tour with James Quiñones.

Matt Lewis circa June 30, 2015 in the azcentral/12 News Studio Tour with James Quiñones.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Freelance: Arizona Daily Star (Jan. 8, 2011 Special Edition)
Title: Freelance journalist
Category: Freelance submission
Date: Jan. 8, 2012
Story: Jan. 8 gave student leader new perspective

Company: Arizona Daily Wildcat
Title: Assistant news editor
Category: College daily newspaper
From: January 2010 to May 2010
Responsibilities: Wrote several stories each week along with editing and ensuring a steady steam of stories from other reporters. Mentoring and advising colleagues was also part of the job. Assisted with print-edition layout on occasion (or on an as-needed basis).

College capstone course: El Independiente
Title: Managing editor/team leader for education beat
Category: Bilingual college newspaper, which serves the City of South Tucson
From: August 2009 to December 2009
Responsibilities: Edited, wrote and took photographs of newsworthy events; as well as managed budget meetings, uploaded/updated items on the website and delivered newspapers. Lewis’s beat was Education.

Company: Arizona Daily Star
Title: Metro intern
Category: Daily newspaper
From: August 2009 to December 2009
Responsibilities: Covered the public safety beat and breaking news at Tucson’s largest newspaper. Also wrote one obituary of a UA professor.

Company: Tucson Daily Citizen
Title: NASA Space Grant intern
Category: Daily newspaper
From: January 2009 to May 2009
Responsibilities: Reported on innovations in science, engineering and technology for the Tucson Citizen through a grant from NASA and the University of Arizona. Also covered the Susan G. Komen Race of the Cure’s fundraising even in Southern Arizona.

Company: Arizona Daily Star
Title: Apprentice
Category: Daily newspaper
From: August 2008 to December 2008
Responsibilities: Wrote feature stories as part of an innovative collaboration between the Daily Star and the University of Arizona School of Journalism; while concurrently taking a course reinforcing professional journalistic skills and standards. Two of Lewis’s stories were picked up the Associated Press wire service and ran in newspapers and websites throughout the state and country.

The stories (and links are below):

• Concentration camp fades for Tucson chef (Arizona Daily Star) – Republished by FM all-news talk radio, via the AP)

• Dachshund racer vies for top dog (Arizona Daily Star) – Republished by (The Kansas City Star newspaper)

# # #

Company: Tucson Lifestyle Magazine
Title: Editorial Intern
Category: Monthly magazine
From: May 2008 to August 2008
Responsibilities: Wrote stories, performed fact-checking duties, participated in editorial board meetings and cataloged information.

Company: San Manuel Miner
Title: Intern (General Assignment Reporter/Photographer)
Category: Monthly newspaper
From: February 2008 to April 2008
Responsibilities: General assignment reporter/photographer.
Beat: Features – Reported and photographed community events; such as a new health care facility opening, a car show and a Boy Scout troop earning their badges. Lewis even took his reporting to new heights by flying in an Ercoupe, two-seater, fixed wing plane.

Freelance: The Arizona Republic
Title: Freelance journalist
Category: “News by You” Reader Submissions/Local section (Chandler)
Dates: Nov. 7, 2007 and Apr. 7, 2008
Stories: “Support network helps parents of autistic children;” “Foundation’s robotics program plants science seeds

Company: Arizona Summer Wildcat
Title: News Reporter
Category: College newspaper
From: June 2007 to September 2007
Responsibilities: General assignment reporter
Beat: News – Covered science and technology at the University of Arizona.

Freelance: Glendale Visitors Guide (Super Bowl Edition)
Title: Freelance journalist
Category: Magazine briefs
Date: June 2007
Topics: Cooking classes, sporting good stores, entertainment venues, history of sports arenas and Glendale city parks.

#  #  #

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