Sunday, March 22, 2020

CHANDLER, ARIZ. — Watching 60 Minutes tonight learning about Hungary’s version of a “Populist” government.

It’s a bit alarming that America is trying to do the same thing. President Donald J. Trump is trying to promote a more closed-off country that would be similar to Hungary.

Wasn’t the UNITED States of America founded on an idea (and ideal) vision of a place with open borders (accepting of all immigrants and ideas)?!

I remember not long after Trump was elected and there was a huge flair up of national tension between White Nationalists and those from the African American (or Black) communities. There was also the Black Lives Matter movement and also the Blue Lives Matter counter.

In my three decades as an Arizonan, I’ve observed my country and my state be deeply divided at times; but in recent times I feel things have gotten worse.

All I can do is my part, by spreading love, tolerance and acceptance. Even if I disagree with you ideas; even if it seems like I dislike you – know that I DO NOT! I may not understand you or agree with you, but I love everyone equally.

Remember this phrase: “God bless everyone, no exceptions.”

More coming soon. … Please stay tuned, thank you!

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