A bit about Matt

Matthew A. Lewis is currently working at Intel Corporation as a Manufacturing Technician with the Lithography Operations team. He is on-site at the Ocotillo campus in Chandler, Ariz. Prior to joining Intel, he was a contractor at Intel’s high-volume wafer production factory for about two-years.

Lewis has held variety of other jobs before entering the semiconductor industry. 

He also cherishes his work with the SSP Foundation; which is where he serves as a Special Events Coordinator for the better part of a decade.

Following his Brother and Father is why he initially joined the organization. It was the robotics program that his family was first introduced to the SSP Foundation.

Not long after he began volunteering, his role quickly evolved into something more than just a regular volunteer. Lewis was involved with several of SSP Foundation’s programs, including the Youth Soccer League, the S.T.E.M initiatives, and also the Scholar’s Programming.

Lewis has always held many interest, however; and from an early age, he loved to read and write.

In elementary school, he wanted to become a published book author.

Once he realized being an author was a tough, and often not so lucrative career, he decided to look elsewhere; and in high school his English teacher liked his writing and invited him to join the school’s newspaper. From then on, his love of Journalism had sprouted and blossomed.

After high school, Lewis dove deep into the World of Journalism. He joined his college newspaper, majored in Journalism, took on newspaper internships and even was on the executive board of several professional development organizations related to the Journalism profession.

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