From the time I was a baby I was fortunate enough to have the means to travel around the globe. I flew on my first airplane before I could walk and talk. I rode my first bike at an early age and then anything else with wheels, including: a four-wheeler (quad), dirt-bike, roller blades, scooter, et cetera. After riding everything under the sun, my family and I decided to try a different sun – one that rises in The East.

We spent a year in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia (Southeast Asia) in 1997. The first car I drove was on my grandparents farm in Pratt, Kansas when I was 14. I love to travel and would love to someday be paid to teach or report from locations all around the world. I have a goal of being published in either Arizona Highways or National Geographic – or both. Also, I would like to travel to Western Europe, South America, the South Pole, Africa and Russia. As for the places I’ve been that I’d like to return, they are as follows: Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, California, ColoradoEurope, and maybe Asia (if time and my budget allow).

I’d love to play golf on the old course in Scotland,  kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland and see all the famous haunts of the great artists, writers and architects in Britain and France. One of the greatest pleasures I have in traveling is marveling at the art and architecture of ancient and modern societies. In high school I aspired to become an architect before changing courses completely. I still appreciate structural concepts and designs; especially in Antoni Gaudí‘s work in Barcelona, España.

A list of places I’ve been (not comprehensive):
Arizona, Alaska, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, California, Hawaii, Washington, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Florida, Georgia, Utah, Montana, Nevada, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Italy, China, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar (formerly Burma).

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